So, apart from making the slip ring explanation, I did glue the inner skins in place.

It was a bit scary, as any mistake here can be hard to undo later on. Especially since I don’t have enough styrene to cut new skins!

Anyway, the whole procedure went well, took about 90 minutes in total with everything. I noticed that once the glue started setting, the whole construction is a LOT more solid than compared to just the frame with skins taped on.

These skins will now set overnight, and hopefully I’ll have time to add the outer skins in the next few days.

Once the skin was on, it was time to put some more focus on the main ankles. I sanded down the new layer of styrene on the beefy parts until they fit nice and snug, and glued them in to place.

I also decided to fasten the leg inside with 4 60mm long 6mm screws, countersunk from the inside. I will try and find white screws to replace these metal ones, but for the moment, these will do. It will also provide a good, solid fit for the legs inside the main ankles. As soon as my metal plates for the top of the ankles are made… or at least painted =)

As usual, tiny R2 is inspecting!

Now: time to spend some time into making the shoulder hubs!