Well, since I packed my R2 to go to a family thing over the weekend, and R2 was brought along to show my young cousins, and to act like a music player for the midsummer’s eve party, I decided to actually find out how much that darn thing weighs!

So, the body i styrene, got 3 motors in it, rather heavy aluminum dome with electronics and a big motorcycle battery. I know the body is heavy, but I guess it is more cumbersome than heavy, really.

Total tally was not as bad as I first had thought/feared.

When I started out this project, my goal was to build a droid that ends up around 40-50 kilos (that’s in-between 88-110 lbs for you who don’t like metric).

At this moment, and there ‘s not a whole lot of things that will be added to the droid, more like a few things replaced here and there, and it all clocks in at 38.5 kilos. 85 pounds!

Not bad!

Still, it packs a pretty mean punch when it is driving towards you at “full” speed…