Continuing where I left off late yesterday evening, I put in a little of work this morning as it is going to be a really great first day of Spring, we are planning to have a family outing later on, so some things have to be done now!

First off, my fiancée caught me in the shower doing something I didn’t want her to know I was doing..

NO! Not that! Shame on you!

I was wet sanding my proton pack!

After I left off yesterday evening, I had sprayed my proton pack with body filler and started to sand with 180 grit sandpaper and this morning, in the shower, I was wet sanding the entire pack with a much smoother 400 grit sand paper.

It came out quite well. The irregularities I wanted to get rid of, were at least good enough. The ones that are left will be covered by the hammered texture paint, or behind things that are mounted on top of the shell

Next up, drying the shell off and take it outside where I let it sit for a few minutes before it was time to spray it again.

The key to get a good coat is to build it up in small layers.

After going over it a few times (still will go over some parts one more time), this is what I’m left with.

It is hard to see the difference on the picture, but the shell is much smoother and some irregularities and blobs of resin and air bubbles have now been sorted. The shell is still a bit wonky though. Maybe I should do a Wonkman instead of Venkman pack… 😉

(The original packs were wonky as well)

Lastly, I had my friend Tommi K. send me an outline of his motherboard for his Nick-a-tron shell, as the gbfans motherboard I bought did not fit.

I come from the world of R2-D2 building where all measurements are agreed and therefor all parts fit everything. This is not the case here, but no biggie.

I took the outline, cut in 3 parts and scanned it with an A3 scanner at work, then worked with tracing the outline in my CAD program until I came up with this:

I will print the outline of it and test fit a dummy mockup before I send this off to another friend with a CNC cutter to cut my own, perfectly fitting, motherboard.