So, after fixing my first horseshoe, I’ve almost finished my second horseshoe. Same procedure as the first one, I decided it was time to fix the bad shoulder hubs.

The hubs in themselves were not bad, but I had them covered with aluminum tape, which is not really ideal. It rips easily, and I need to be able to take them out when packing the droid to go to conventions, I decided to go with another method.

Just look at how bad it looks… and this is the good side!

So, first step is trying to rip the sticky tape off…

Once the tape was off, the hubs were very sticky. I first tried to use this stickiness to help with the aluminum sheets, but this was a mistake. A good, nice clean with a solvent was needed to get the glue remnants off.

I cut a long strip of aluminum and gently bent it around the hub, secured one end with two screwes, and glued it into place with CA glue. I let the glue set for a few hours.. and just look how good it turned out!

After a little bit of fitting with my skins, and sanding away from the skins with my dremel to make the new hubs fit, I mounted the hubs on my legs once again!

This looks MUCH better! Next up: repeating the process with hub #2, but as I’m currently in Los Angeles to perform at the Magic Castle this week, it’ll have to wait a little while! =)