Hey, what do you know!

A third blog entry today! Well, I had to try out the paints I got!

I’ve got 7 cans of satin white sitting in my room, and had to venture out on the balcony to try it out a bit!

After an initial colour test on a scrap piece, I decided to paint a horseshoe!

Naturally, I made a few mistakes initially that had to be sanded and fixed, but after a few reattempts, this started to look pretty good!

I simply had to try it out with the aluminnium inside as well!

Since taking this picture, I wet sanded the last layer with some 800 grit sandpaper so it is nice and smooth. Only needs a bit of lacquer and it is finished!

What’s your suggestion, by the way: glossy or non glossy?

Lastly, I just want to show off some of the good stuff that arrived as well:

First off my aluminium shoulder hubs from England..

Second, my Ewok Zapper, also from England, but this is made in resin and PVC:

This will be mounted inside my droid at some point, but that day is far ahead! First I’ve got to get all this painting done! I made a quick run to the hardware store just before they closed and bought a foldable small work table that I can use as a base when painting the droid!

Now it’s time to sleep, or pac-man will eat me!