Well, this post doesn’t really come with a big cliffhanger, since the title pretty much says it all!

Continuing where I left off yesterday, I did find some time to work on the pocket vent!

I went out this morning and picked up 2x2mm evergreen styrene strips as suggested, and started dressing up the innards of the pocket vent.

I put strips of aluminium tape around the edges of these small strips to make them look right..

Every strip was glued in place one at the time with CA glue. This aluminium tape is great, but it does give sharp edges. I managed to cut myself working with this again…

This is the back with all the ribs in place..

And from another angle

Once this was done, It was a simple task to cut one back piece out of 1m styrene

After painting it with a decent colour that is quite close to R2 blue, this is what it looks like

… and with the panel mounted…

For a final test on the skin..

Seems the curve is a little too little, but I think it will work great anyway. this will be the rear Pocket vent in any case. It was my first attempt after all =)