Fourth blog entry in one day! I must be nuts!

(well… I *am* building an R2-D2..)

All of them are dealing with different aspects and different parts of the build!

First off, I fixed two things that was on the R2-2DO list that I had just been to lazy to fix: I added the ridges to the second horseshoe, and covered the second horseshoe shim in aluminium, to get that of the list.

I was then contemplating drilling larger holes for the dome ring, and have the dome ring resting not on screws but on larger knobs. This would make removing and replacing the dome much easier!

I took off the rockler bearing from the droid, and at the same time, I drilled holes for the screws in the rockler on my secondary golden dome!

Rockler was mounted again, this time I made sure it was all level, then on with the work!

I glued on magnets on the inside of the “Kenny-Panel”, and glued on small metal shims to the corners of the panel. I took the old inside from the front panel, cut it slightly to make it fit, and fit it inside the Kenny-Panel for powering the droid on and off.

The panel is right now hanging on magnets alone, but I’m going to hinge it tomorrow, to make sure it does NOT fall off! =)

Speaking of hinging: I did hinge the front large door, currently attached with CA glue, but that works just fine for now. I even added a small magnet lock to the door. At the moment I think it is too strong, but I will find a better option shortly.

I even tested it with the restraining bolt, and it works like a charm!

Originally, the bolt was meant to be higher, but I realized I had to turn the door upside down (looks the same both ways) for a better fit, so I’ll have to live with the mount point for the restraining bolt to be slightly lower than I first had counted on. Maybe this was put on by a particularly short jawa!

I also took out the main battery and the electronics board since I need to reroute most of the spider web that are cables inside the droid. I did purchase a few things to make it neater, I just need to work on the cabling a bit!

I will also need to find a better socket to attach to the electronics board. At the moment, it is all individual cables that are just attached to each other. One big connector would be a lot better!

Won’t be too hard either… At the moment, I think I’ll need like 10 channels connecting to the board…. maybe.