Had a busy day today, and didn’t really get much done, droidwise.

I did go over my old electronics board, and removed the C6C controller and added the AR6210 receiver and the Syren 10 motor controller for the dome!.

For the first time, my R2 has moved his head on his own! =)

I do lack the necessary gadgets to fasten the gears to the motor axel, but I have already ordered that, so it should arrive in a few days.

I’ve also added all sorts of connections and the ability to unplug the entire electronics board, should I need to.

Old board:

New board:

It may look a bit messy, but it is actually not.

I have been thinking if I can create some sort of connection hub where I can just plug in it all.

While installing new electronics, I also put 4 switches in the detail door space. They are:

Top left – Left drive motor disconnect
Top right – Right drive motor disconnect
Bottom left – Main power
Bottom right – Audio (not connected yet)

On the back, it doesn’t quite look as smooth:

More pics on the wiring inside:

While making such a simple thing as a square styrene board (this was way before I started cutting the holes) I also managed to slip with the knife, and effectively slicing off most of the skin on one of my fingers on my left hand.


End result?

Well, my R2 is now wireless and works like a charm! Now down to make that for shell and the battery boxes, and paint and detail and work on the dome…