So .. I fulfilled my goal of the day.

The center ankle is now COMPLETE !

Naturally, it needs painting, but I’m saving the paint job for spring, when it is actually good enough weather to be outside for longer periods of day!

The ankle has been cut out, assembled, glued together, sanded, glued some more, used putty everywhere to make the seams nice and smooth, sanded some more and now finally, they are DONE!

It seems a droid part is never 100% finished.. I took some spare bits of styrene and reinforced my center foot inside, to make it more sturdy. Once the glue has hardened properly, I should be able to stand on the foot shell!

I’ve also finished gluing together the left foot. Details on the foot is now complete, and once the glue has hardened (no pics on at the moment) I’ll subdue it with putty and sand it down once more, to make complete!

I’ve also gotten the tracking number from Daren Muren about my lovely dome, and it seems it has made it into the country now at least! Delivery should be tomorrow or Thursday. In the nick of time!

For now, I’ll just leave you with these images of my center foot and center ankle put together and posing for the first time. Kinda looks like it’s hovering, to be honest.

But … I’ll save the hovering bit for my next project 😉