After more bloodshed, I’ve continued my work on the battery boxes.

Firstly, I skinned the first one:

It took a little while, as I had to do it in stages. Once the styrene was wrapped around and fixed, I could cut open the openings and finalize the Battery Box:

Here’s the battery box screwed in to the main foot shell and also the motor holder. It will hold the foot shell and the box in place. The battery box will not contain any batteries, but merely serve as an extension for the motor to extend into, and also for the cables to have a bit of slack.

Note the large rim around the opening…

I dressed the lid of the battery box in 1mm styrene, and made the lid slightly larger, in order to get the box opening as smooth as possible.

Closing in the cables… The hole is tapped for M3 at the moment, and I think I will superglue a nut on the back of the inside holder in order for this to have better longevity, as styrene and M3-M4 tapping really exhausts itself quite easily.

Still needs a little bondo and sanding, but it closes pretty tight

Naturally, the screws will be countersunk as well, but I had no M3 screws with the right head for it at home!

Here’s a full view on the mounted battery box…

… and another one.

As you can see, the ribs inside the box are visible on the outside. Sanding + bondo will take that right out, and that’s a project for then it’s time to prep the box for painting!

I’ve also adjusted the position of the screws into the legs, as I realized that the legs were a tad shorter than the official measurements. They had simply slid too far into the ankle, and I placed a few styrene shims on the bottom of the ankle to fix this.

This means the legs are even! =)

As I cannot make the second battery box ready until I have the second foot shell, well .. there’s only one thing to do!

Get down to business!

While making this second foot shell, I’ve tried to avoid the mistakes I made on the first ones. So far, so good. I’ve made a whole new set of mistakes again!

Fortunately, I’ll be the only one who can spot them!

I’ve constructed this foot shell after the same model as the first one, but in a slightly different order, and it seems a lot more stable this time around.

I’ve also sealed up all seams in the foot shell with Tamaiya Putty, for stability. I’ve used a full tube of putty for this foot shell alone!

Here’s a half messy pic of the putty applied to the seams inside the foot.

Tomorrow is the job of adding the bottom details on the foot, and skin the sides. With any lucy, this foot is complete before the weekend!

However, I did spend a few hours on the dome as well.

Drilling, dremeling (and almost burning out my dremel copy, gotta get myself a proper one), sawing, bending and filing. First hole for the HP is done. It took a while!

At this moment, I cannot really say that I’m looking forward to cutting up the pie panels, the other two HP holes, the two PSI holes and the three Logic Displays.

Aluminum is a whole new material to work with, and a whole new array of mistakes to be made.

More blood has been shed…