I realized that a post without pictures is not as fun as it may seem…

Following last night’s update, I have glued and screwed the metal housing to my shoulder hub in to place

The aluminium sheet has been stuck in place with E-6000 glue and screwed down in the ends. This should definitely hold! The seam is also on the least visible part of R2. You’d have to look straight up into R2’s arm pit to see the joint, and you’d only see two of the screws anyway.

Once this has set, I will need to adjust the right arm opening slightly to allow for the slightly larger hub to fit into the socket.

And I’ve also glued the skin almost all around the Battery Box.

See? Looks MUCH smoother and better than the first time around! I know where I went wrong. I was in a building frenzy and didn’t have the patience enough to take things slow, one small step at the time. I wanted to finish everything NOW NOW NOW!

So.. In the end that has caused me a lot of extra work, fixing up small things that I was not 100% happy with. Tis was one of them. Now, I’m starting to feel much happier about the battery box!

There are a few other small bits and pieces I may go back and look over one more time, but on the whole, this is really starting to look good!

My paint plan is as follows:

  • prime right leg
  • prime right foot shell
  • prime right horseshoe
  • prime right battery box
  • paint right leg
  • paint right foot shell
  • paint right horseshoe
  • paint right battery box
  • paint groove in right foot motor holder
  • paint ankle locks
  • touch up center foot detail plates
  • touch up center ankle
  • touch up back side of left leg
  • paint inside of long door
  • clear coat body
  • clear coat left foot shell
  • clear coat left battery box
  • clear coat left leg
  • clear coat center ankle
  • clear coat center foot
  • clear coat center foot detail plates
  • clear coat doors for body (4 of them)
  • clear coat ankle locks
  • clear coat ankle cylinder holders
  • clear coat right leg
  • clear coat right foot shell
  • clear coat right horseshoe
  • clear coat right battery box

This may look like much, but really, the clear coating is relatively quick, and the touch ups is just that.. A few sprays and it’s done!

Really, it is only one more leg to prime, sand, prime, bondo, paint white, let dry, sand, paint white again and finally wet sand!

That is the time consuming procedure when it comes to the paint job! It’s worth it, though!