.. and I got a lot of stuff done ! =)

First off, I sanded the half-moons i glued together last night, and look at what beauties they are:

I am very happy with them!

So, having the half-moons done, the next thing was to mount one of them on the foot shell that I had almost completed earlier:

Halfmoons looks nice eh? I also glued the tops of the foot shells, so they need to be sanded down, after that, it’s just a matter of fixing the details underneath the foot.

Seeing the foot like this really makes me feel that “oh my .. I’m REALLY building an R2!”

I have not cut out frame rings yet, or received my dome, my build is only other details at this point.

I figured I had more time, and I didn’t want to make another foot just yet, so I thought “Why not make the center angle. The few curves on it can easily be done by hand!”

Said and done, I freehanded the semi circles, worked out fine. I also expanded on the center ankle and went off spec. I added a little “lip” to allow for better support for the 18 degree angle the foot is going to sit at.

I decided to make a fix-leg droid, for stability, and I also figured that if I didn’t like it, it is something that is a lot easier to take out than add afterwards =)

Note the extra lip ad the marking for the hole. I don’t have a pillar drill (yet) so I’ve only marked the hole for drilling later. I’ve also sanded the edges to make sure the supporting part of the ankle is 90 degrees angle at the back, where it will be screwed into the skirt, bottom ring, and also sanded off the corners with my sander. It was try easy making the curves with the sander!

Tomorrow I’m going to do the beefy ankles on the sides of the center ankle, and after that, I can write off the ankle and foot as complete!

Now: time to have a few friends over for dinner, and tomorrow I hope to have my dome here!