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Heaviest charity job yet..

So, Christmas is upon us and it should all do us good to take some time and think about the people who are not as fortunate as the rest of us.

Last week, me, R2 and two friends visited Sweden’s first Child Hospice.

For those not sure what a hospice is, it is basically a place where you go to be cared for at the end of your life.

This was such a place… for children, who will never have the chance of growing up, never experience the joy of having kids of their own, never have time to realize their dreams.

As soon as the question came if we wanted to come and help do something special for these kids, I immediately thought to myself that this is not something I can turn down. I made sure I did not have anything booked on the evening in question, and took a minute or two to really think, really make sure I had the strength in me to do this.

I was happy that two of my friends, also Star Wars nerds like me, and proud members of the 501st and Rebel Legion, immediately agreed to come along.

IMG_2495The week leading up to our visit was tough, to be frank. I found myself looking at my 6 month old and just hoping, wishing she would never have to go a place like the one I was going to visit. I started talking about what we were going to do with friends. Not because I wanted people to pat me on the back, saying how good it was of me to go, but because I needed to talk about it. I needed to process it.

I knew I could cope with it, while being there, but I had a firm belief that I would break down and cry in the car home. If that was the case, so be it. I still had to go. If only we could help bring some joy to the sick children and their families on this evening, right before their last christmas. Ever.

Upon our arrival, we were told that two kids that were supposed to be there would not be there during the evening. Their condition had worsened. I was told that in their case, we were talking hours.

What struck me as soon as we entered the room, with the Main Theme from Star Wars playing loudly from R2, was the positive feeling in the room. We showed off the droid and our costumes, and I had an option of saying a few words on who we were and why we are doing what we do for charity.

After the christmas dinner, we all posed for pictures will all the kids and their families, and I was moved by how positive everyone felt and grateful towards us for being there.

I didn’t break down in the car home. I actually felt quite good, knowing that the kids who stay at the hospice are well cared for and surrounded by people who love them.

When I finally got home, I woke up Emma, who incidentally was turning 6 months that very same day, and just hugged hur for a while. Nothing else, just held her for a while and I was incredibly grateful on how healthy and great our daughter is.

Somehow, my daily troubles seems a lot smaller and easier to deal with after this.

Thank you for this year. More to come next year with many updates and fun things… and I promise I’ll be better with updating this blog 😉

Happy Holidays!

Fotograf Tommy Jansson,

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3D design and Blasters from a galaxy far far away…

Long time no posts!

R2 has been busy, of course, and I have much to tell, but that will have to come in the year summary that I’ doing in december. This time it is all about a newly found interest of mine: 3D design.

Since this is mostly about Star Wars anyway, I’ve started to draw up a 3D version of R2 (obviously), but that is another project that will take some more time, but I’ve also started drawing some smaller things, but sill quite detailed.

One thing that I am close on finishing the detailing on (still a few details that are not 100% correct, but I’m getting there) is the Biker Scout Blaster!

From reference pictures of a screen used stunt blaster, as well as screen grabs from the Bluray version of ‘Return of the Jedi’, I’ve started making this as closely as I can in 3D.


Stunt Blaster from Jason White’s collection (

Screen shot from ‘Return of the Jedi’ (copyright LucasFilm)

There are a few differences, though.

Sizing the blaster is easy, as it is making use a British Singlepoint Scope, and that is a known piece of hardware.

Even though this particular blaster is the only gun type weapon in the original Star Wars trilogy that was not based on a real gun, but modeled from scratch. Even so, they used an existing scope.

On the stunt prop, the scope is a resin replica of the metal scope, it is unknown if it used a real scope or a replica of on the screen used model. Anyway: Sizing is done in relation to the scope. The nice and clear reference picture of the blaster makes modeling the “difficult” side very easy.

On the blasters used, they did some minor alterations to the scope, as the trim button was exchanged with a small screw and washer. In the model below, I’ve drawn the scope with original trim knobs, something that needs to be altered for the final model.

The pistol grip also needs some minor tweaking until I am 100% happy with it, it should be an exact copy of the stunt version.

Also, if you look really closely on the screen shots (the one listed above, and others) it is clear that the nozzle has more detail to it. I think it is a nipple of sorts to add on to a hose, and I think the original part used had some treading, which was covered over. There is a little bulk showing, and the point is slightly longer, and not so thin for as long as depicted on the stunt blaster.

Anyway, lots of talk, but here are the pics of where I am thus far:

Bikerscout Blaster 1

Bikerscout Blaster 2

Bikerscout Blaster 3

Bikerscout Blaster 4

Bikerscout Blaster 5

Bikerscout Blaster 6

Bikerscout Blaster 7

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The next project: Making a Stormtrooper!

A few months ago, I finished my Biker Scout, which was great fun, but back in September I had this idea that it would be kind of fun to have a Stormtrooper as well..

So, impulsive as I was, I placed an interest in a vacuum formed ABS plastic kit, that contained all the hard parts needed for a Stormtrooper armour, and then the waiting game began.

Today, all that waiting paid off.

Today, this package arrived:


Weighing in at 7.2 kilos, I had my suspicion on what it was… and once the box was open… this is part of what I found inside:



A lot of plastic, and untrimmed pieces that will kill all spare time I may or may not have for a while to come!

Also today, I got the boots needed for making a real Stormtrooper armour. These Jodhpur style boots will be cleaned with acetone and have the leather painted white with proper paint for painting … well … leather =)


I haven’t decided yet if they might be a tad too small or not, but only time will tell. They were really cheap, so I’m not too bothered about it. In worst case they’ll be an excellent pair of boots to try out the painting methods on!

The game is afoot. I have no deadline set, I will let this one take a bit of time. Before even beginning on the costume, I have a few domestic things to take care of first.. Clearing out my work area, assembling new living room furniture, things like that ! =)

It will be a fun project nevertheless!



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